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turnoystersinthesand replied to your post “turnoystersinthesand replied to your post:she said starling was a…”

when did she say that? omg no b-sides for aats should have been mary jane, fire to your plain, 500 miles, not dying today

The b-sides have gone now and with it a whole side to a project that was so important…and because of how people get their music now it would be such a cult audience that the songs might not ever get heard except by a few people. So I include them on the album. I don’t know if they’re b-sides as such. When I say that it sounds derogatory…that might have been ‘Starling’ this time. I don’t know”

from polari magazine!!!

mary jane, ftyp, 500 miles, not dying today, and police me

(maybe california should have never even been written)

omg who?

tori said starling would be a b-side if singles were still a thing for her

she said starling was a fucking b-side


I will probably end up dying in a fight defending courtney love

Tori Amos - Starling
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Starling by Tori Amos
from Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)


trying something new -__-


If that’s making you happy that’s brilliant. You know? People shouldn’t be so snobby. To say that “Beethoven is great but 2 Unlimited is crap” I think is rubbish because it’s just not that simple. It’s like saying “filet mignon is brilliant food but bananas are stupid to eat!” It’s not! You need all the different things.
One of my favourite Björk quotes on Musical Snobbery (via desireandhisdyson)